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EOS 5DS DSLR Camera Body
EOS 5DS DSLR Camera Body Geoptimaliseerd voor afdrukken Vertel een kennis
EOS 5DS DSLR Camera Body
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New 50.6 Megapixel Full-frame CMOS Sensor
Newly designed 50.6MP full-frame CMOS helps deliver ultra-high resolution images for large-scale printing and extensive, creative cropping, while Dual DIGIC 6 Image Processors enable top-of-the-line image quality and processing speed.
Fine Detail Mode in Picture Style
Taking advantage of its sensor's high-resolution capturing power, the EOS 5DS camera has a new Picture Style called Fine Detail mode. Fine Detail emphasizes fine edges and patterns or textures by setting the camera's Sharpness sub-settings, fineness and threshold to their minimum and by lowering contrast settings as well. Prioritizing minute details in the image allows for better gradations, more detailed textures and fine edges for smoother, more polished photographs.
EOS Scene Detection System with RGB+IR Metering Sensor
The EOS 5DS camera has the iSA Intelligent Scene Analysis system that employs an independent RGB+IR light sensor with approximately 150,000-pixel resolution. This sensor enables Canon's Intelligent Tracking and Recognition system (iTR AF) that detects and tracks subjects, automatically switching the AF point to optimize tracking. With new tracking algorithms tailored to recognize faces and colors, this system serves as the foundation to the camera's AF system.
61-Point High Density Reticular AF
For fast, precise AF with sophisticated tracking performance, the EOS 5DS camera has an advanced, 61-point High Density Reticular AF system with up to 41 cross-type AF points. The AF system is sensitive to changes in composition, making adjustments quickly to help ensure consistent, sharp AF. A new RGB+IR AF sensor (with approximately 150,000 pixels) monitors subject motion, and Canon's iTR Intelligent Tracking and Recognition system synchronizes the active AF point with the subject's motion, helping to ensure that AF precision is maintained. With focus modes dedicated to the particulars of the shooting environment, the EOS 5DS realizes a level of focus accuracy befitting its 50.6MP sensor.
Advanced Mirror Control Mechanism and Shutter Release Time Lag
The camera shake that occurs from the impact of an SLR's mirror can leave blurred details in the recorded image. This effect is magnified when working with a high-resolution sensor like the one found in the EOS 5DS camera. To counter the effects of conventional, spring-driven SLR mirrors, the EOS 5DS features a newly developed Mirror Vibration Control system. The camera's mirror is not controlled by springs but instead is driven by a small motor and cams. This system suppresses the impact typical of the camera's mirror, significantly reducing impact and its effects on the image. A new Time Release Lag setting, easily accessed on the menu system, offers added protection against camera shake by setting the shutter release time intentionally longer so the camera does not begin the exposure until after the impact of the camera's mirror has diffused.
Anti-Flicker Feature
With Canon's anti-flicker function, the camera is able to deliver accurate results under cycling lighting situations. Under flickering light, such as fluorescent lighting, a fast shutter speed may result in an irregular exposure. The anti-flicker function detects the frequency and phase of the flicker and captures images near the point of peak brightness when the subject is most likely well illuminated.
1.3x and 1.6x Crop Shooting
For still photography, the EOS 5DS features the flexibility of a cropping feature that extends the shooting effect 1.3x and 1.6x. With 50.6MP capture, cropped shots are possible with resolution to spare. Images recorded at 1.3x (APS-H) are approximately 30.5MP (6768 x 4512) Large/Fine JPEG, while images recorded at 1.6x (APS-C) are approximately 19.6MP (5424 x 3616) Large/Fine JPEG. Particularly useful in extending the range of telephoto lenses, the crop function also improves the subject tracking capability with almost the entire frame covered with AF points. Image cropping can be displayed in the viewfinder either masked or overlaid with an outline showing the cropped area, and in Live View shooting the image is cropped by the effect chosen. Aspect ratios can also be defined, with the EOS 5DS shooting in 1:1, 4:3, and 16:9 ratios, in addition to the default 3:2.
Full HD 30p Movie Capability
The Canon 5DS supports full HD 1080/30p movie capability and Time Lapse Movie function, which takes still photographs at set intervals and combines them into a full HD movie file, is provided. In addition HD and VGA resolution, numerous frame rates and ALL-I and IPB compressions are supported. Still images can be captured during video recording. A jack for an external microphone is provided.
Built-In Intervalometer and Bulb Timer
The EOS 5DS offers time-lapse fixed-point shooting and long exposures without the need for a remote control. The interval timer takes from 1 to 99 shots at pre-selected intervals (from 1 second to 99 hours 59 minutes 59 seconds, or unlimited), ideal for shooting flowers as they bloom or clouds drifting through the sky. Captured exposures can even be collected and saved as an HD movie. Its built-in bulb timer keeps the shutter open for a designated amount of time, perfect for night photography, to capture the flow of traffic on a street corner, or any other situation where long exposure photography is warranted.
3.2" ClearView II LCD Monitor
The 3.2" ClearView II LCD monitor has 1,040,000 dots, anti-reflective construction and features Canon's ClearView technology for a bright, sharp display in any number of shooting situations. It's ideal for reviewing settings and images, as well as for shooting in Live View mode. In Live View, grid lines can be displayed in 9 sections, 24 sections, or 9 sections with diagonals, as can the electronic level. For image review, the camera has a dedicated Magnify/Reduce button for zooming in or out (up to 16x) simply by pressing the button and turning the Main Dial. Images can be protected or erased quickly, individually or in batches, and slideshows can be created with some or all images and can be sequenced by date, folders, movies, stills or rating. A clear and simple feature guide found in the camera's menu provides detailed reference information whenever needed.
Intelligent Viewfinder II
The Intelligent Viewfinder II makes it easy to both shoot, change and confirm camera settings and shooting modes all without looking away from the viewfinder. Displaying approximately 100% of the composition, the viewfinder can show settings like shooting mode, exposure level, white balance, drive mode, AF operation, metering mode, recording format, an electronic level and more. All of this information can be displayed by or superimposed easily over the image for review while shooting, and multiple views are customizable through the camera's simple user interface.
Customizable Quick Control Screen
In addition to a conventional Quick Control screen, the EOS 5DS camera features a Quick Control button that enables the photographer to easily access the settings critical for the task at hand. The user can specify features to display, as well as their location and size on the screen.
Continuous Shooting
High-speed continuous shooting up to 5.0 fps allows you to capture fast-moving action at full resolution.
USB 3.0 and Other Connectors
The 5DS provides support for USB 3.0 connections as well as mini HDMI out, 3-pin input, and a PC terminal. The USB 3.0 digital terminal offers fast transfer to PCs and printers, plus connectivity to Canon's WFT-E7 (Version 2) for wireless transfer and Wi-Fi compatibility.

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